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Placing a Horse Racing Bet

Making money from your horse racing bets is tough. In fact, the truth is 95% of punters who place horse racing bets do not make any consistent winnings.

This may be contributed largely to the fact that there are so many horse betting systems claiming to provide you with a winning strategy. Some of these betting systems are designed by bookies trying to mislead people to line their own pockets. Think about it. They collect all horse racing bets, and control the odds. They can easily manipulate the system and drop the odds seconds before the race even starts, leaving many punters high and dry, even if they picked the winner.

Sounds scary I know, but there is a distinct horse betting formula that professional punters use to pull consistent, even full time incomes from their horse racing bets.

A Few Tips To Improve Your Horse Racing Bet:
Before making any horse racing bets get in a habit of looking at the daily racing form. They are available at the track, bookstores, newsstands, and the internet.

The daily form will tell you which horses and jockeys will be running and many times who is the favorite. Reading the daily form is a must if you wish to place horse racing bets that will result in winnings.

Start gauging every horse and get and idea of how they perform by looking at their past 3 races. There are two things to consider when analyzing a potential horses' last three races. Check out the speed figures and compare the average speed and position against all other horses you are considering placing your horse racing bet on. More importantly notice the distance of the previous three races. Is the distance of the last few races comparable to the distance of the race you are about to bet on?

Look at the favorites in every race. Most will have several horses that are considered favorites in a given race. Because favorites statistically win 30-40% of the time you should always analyze them first. They will most likely result in profitable horse racing bets.

Lastly, look at the jockey who is riding the horse you wish to place your horse racing bet on. A horse with great potential can be spoiled by an inexperienced or incompetent rider. Once again you will need to refer to the daily racing form and see which jockeys will be riding which horses and how each jockey stacks up against one another.

Knowing where, when, and how to act can make a big difference on your horse racing bets. There is a formula to winning, but always remember that placing horse racing bets is gambling and there is always going to be some risk involved.

If you are searching for ways to improve your own horse racing bets and would like to earn a full time income punting professionally, try the only horse betting system with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Placing a horse racing bet