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So how do you decide on the best horse racing system for you? A good place to start judging any horse racing system is to experiment with it for a few races to see if it works consistently over time. You don’t have to place live bets to do this. Start by using the horse racing system in question to figure out bets you can place on paper. Keep track of the results you get.

After the horse racing system has helped you pick a few winners, you may be tempted to jump in with live wagers right away. Most people would think it would be a good idea to place a live bet at this point. But I disagree for this reason: Even though the horse racing system is delivering some winners, sooner or later, the horse racing system will begin to show a downward trend of success.

This is actually a good thing. As the downward trend continues, keep wagers on paper for a few more bets, THEN make some live wagers. What you are aiming for is to hit the up-cycle of success that the horse racing system will deliver.

Almost every horse racing system has an up-and-down cycle of success versus failure. Tuning into this natural cycle of a particular horse racing system is wise and—if you time it correctly—it can be very profitable. This type of horse racing system is based on strong mathematical probabilities which means you are not using some superstitious, non-scientific horse racing system.

A good horse racing system is based on sound mathematical and scientific principles that have been proven over time. If you find a horse racing system that has a consistently high rate of success over time, you are much better off pursuing that horse racing system instead of some less tested method.

One horse racing system product that has proven to deliver good horse racing information is Mohammed Ali’s How to ‘Place Bet’ on Favorites for a Living. This particular horse racing system seems to have proven it can deliver real racing results. In fact, Mr. Ali and some of his customers claim a success rate of 89.52% for picking first-place winners with his horse racing system and an extraordinary 96.35% at picking second-place winners with his horse racing system.

I personally haven’t used the system long enough yet to give you an accurate percentage of my success with this particular horse racing system, but the high popularity of this horse racing system does say something for its efficacy.

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